Shaping Sustainable Value
for Asian Communities

A Message from Our President and CEO

To Our Valued Global Partners and Clients,

We extend our deepest gratitude for the steadfast support and trust you have continuously shown us.

At NTT e-Asia, an integral part of the NTT East Group, we are dedicated to fostering regional innovation and building connections that pave the way for a brighter future. Our engagement with Asia is deeply rooted in our rich history and notable achievements.

Our story began in the dynamic city of Hanoi, Vietnam, in 1996. We started to establish a formidable communication network with 300,000 lines, significantly influencing Vietnam’s telecommunications development. Now, as we move past our 25th anniversary, we find the information and communication technology sector has evolved remarkably. We face global challenges such as demographic changes, aging infrastructure, and environmental issues, all of which demand a shift towards sustainable practices.

The NTT East Group has met these challenges head-on, working in harmony with local communities to create and implement innovative ICT solutions. Our commitment to addressing social issues at the community level reflects our pride and strength. Leveraging the advanced technologies and resources of the NTT East Group, we strive to foster a sustainable and prosperous society throughout Japan and the wider Asian region. This endeavor is at the core of NTT e-Asia’s social mission and our ability to make a ‘glocal’ impact.

As a leading company of regional social innovation, we remain firmly committed to nurturing a sustainable future for Asia. We invite you to embark on this significant journey with us, and we eagerly anticipate our ongoing partnership and collaboration.

Warmest regards,

Takashi Ebihara

President and CEO

NTT e-Asia

Takashi Ebihara President and CEO NTT e-Asia


"We are devoted to spreading locally rooted innovations that NTT East Group specializes in across the world for a better future"

As a regional social innovation partner that shapes a sustainable future for Asia, we contribute to creating sustainable and prosperous societies in Japan and other parts of Asia.


We will continue to create new values in all parts of Asia

Leveraging NTT East Group’s innovative solutions, we are devoted to addressing social issues in local communities with technologies and passion alongside our corporate partners in Japan and other parts of Asia.
In our software development business, we work for corporate digital transformation and toward improving our local stakeholders’ convenience by means of solutions based on our offshore sites.
Our global solutions business contributes to the prosperity and development of Asia at large. We expand the scale of new businesses at different countries in Asia and apply innovative technologies in Japan to other Asian countries, both of which are aimed at the growth and development of Asian communities.


Code of Conduct

  1. 1. Innovation

    We constantly pursue new technologies and ideas, delivering new values to our customers in Japan and other Asian countries.

  2. 2. Reliability

    • In compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms, we conduct fair, equitable business with high ethics.
    • We practice business activities giving consideration to human rights, labor, and environment through supply chain management.
    • We value our customers deeply and share ideas to ensure transparency and fairness through building long-term relationships.

  3. 3. Collaboration

    • We ensure the disclosure of information and communication that focuses on continuity with all stakeholders, including communities, our customers and partners.
    • We aim to fulfill mutual goals through collaboration.

  4. 4. Sustainability

    • We conduct sustainable business activities with consideration given to the environment and society, living up to our responsibilities to future generations.
    Environmental Policy: https://www.ntte-asia.co.jp/en/ecology/
    Health and Productivity Management: https://www.ntte-asia.co.jp/en/declaration/

  5. 5. Social Contribution

    We work on solutions for regional social issues, and by contributing to the development of local communities, we pursue prosperity of society as a whole.
    Examples of our activities:
    ・Activities for the social contribution through football events
    ・Sponsorship of the 'Binh Duong New City and Forest Symphony' Sylvester Concert to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan



NTT e-Asia works toward building a better future.

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