Health and Productivity Management Declaration

NTT e-Asia is committed to "health management" as part of its management strategy, based on the belief that efforts to maintain and promote the mental and physical health of employees and their families will improve motivation and productivity, and lead to increased corporate profits.

Improvement of Workplace Environment

  • Introduction of flextime system
  • Introduction of new work styles (digital, remote, online)

Maintenance and promotion of employee health

  • Improvement of periodic health checkups and mental health checkups
  • Strengthening of health guidance system based on the results of medical examinations
  • Encourage exercise habits using "dHealthcare" application, etc.

By continuing these efforts and creating a "safe and secure" work environment for each and every employee, we will contribute to our customers and local communities.
We also declare that we will constantly change the way we work.

NTT e-Asia works toward building a better future.

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